A day in the life of.............Anna – Aged 3 years 8 months

When I arrive at nursery, Miss Maria always says hello, to me and my mummy, but always me first! I quickly look round the room to see if my best friend Evelyn is there. Then I find my register name card and put it on the register board, Miss Maria says this is very important so she know who is here and who is not.

Miss Maria helps me to the bathroom so I can wash my hands ready for my breakfast. Then I join my friends at the breakfast table, because I am such a big girl now I can serve my own cereals into my bowl, I am even allowed to use the big girls jug to poor the milk on! I eat my breakfast all up and now I am ready to play!

Me and Evelyn go to the computer, we have lots of “work” to do, we are very busy ladies! We make giraffes and elephants on the computer, Miss Rachel and Miss Prettie help us to print them off, we put them in our trays ready to show our Mummies later.

Miss Ashleigh comes through the door, I run to give her a big cuddle, now it will be circle time. We all sit together on the floor; Miss Ashleigh has to ask us to shuffle back a bit as we are a bit squashed! We sing the register song and the days of the week. We look at the weather and talk about what we are going to do today.

We go to get our coats on, ready for outside. We always try to put our own coats on, but my zip is a bit tricky and Miss Ashleigh starts it off, it’s ok though, Miss Ashleigh says that her zip is a bit tricky too.

Outside we play on the bikes, me and Dillon are racing round the track, we peddle faster and faster until our legs are all tired. I like to hide in the tunnel so we all play hide and seek then we look around the garden for spiders.

We line up ready to go inside, today we waddle inside pretending to be penguins, it makes me giggle, we all look a bit funny!

Now its time for painting, I am going to paint a picture of my cats. I paint there fluffy bodies, curly whiskers and their tails. I have to leave my picture to dry now so I am going to play in the home corner.

Miss Maria has turned the home corner into a jungle! There are animals everywhere, elephants, monkeys and tigers! We have the funny glass things that make everything look big, I can’t remember what they are called, I will have to ask Miss Maria. I am using the glass thing to look for animal prints in the mud; I hope a tiger won’t eat me!

After dinner we have a nice story in the library, Miss Ashleigh lets me read a story to my friends, I like doing this, I can be the teacher, I have to remind the children to sit still as they are a bit wiggly!

I come to nursery every day; Mummy and Daddy have to go to work to get all the pennies ready for Santa coming. I love my friends and my teachers at nursery, I have so much fun, we are always smiling and laughing! Sometimes when Mummy comes to take me home, I hide under the table, I do love my Mummy, but I love nursery too!!! xx