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Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year Celebrations at Children 1st @ Leicester and Children 1st @ Newark!

We wish you all a happy Chinese New Year

  • In Mandarin: sshin-nyen kwhy-ler
  • In Cantonese: sen-nin feye-lor

2015 is the Year of the Goat according to the Chinese 12 year animal zodiac. Here’s a glimpse of what’s been happening at two of our nurseries who used the occasion to help the children learn something about the Chinese culture.

We all know that before a celebration it’s good to have some decorations to brighten things up. So at Leicester the celebrations for Chinese New Year got underway with the children making Chinese lanterns. As you can see from the photographs the children had to concentrate really hard as they drizzled the glue onto the card which they then decorated with all kinds of shiny things.

Dressing up is also important for a party and the children really enjoyed trying on some beautiful traditional clothing and talking about the smooth, silky, beautifully coloured material.

However, the best part of a celebration is usually the food. Can you look at the photographs of our Chinese banquets without your mouth watering? Everyone had a great time learning the names of the foods and then of course sitting down to enjoy the food. So what did we have?

Crispy spring rolls and prawn crackers, sweet and sour chicken, vegetable chow mein and rice. Yum, yum!

Please share our celebration of Chinese New Year by clicking through the slideshow.

Chinese New Year Celebrations Slideshow

chinese new year 1
chinese new year 10
chinese new year 11
chinese new year 12
chinese new year 2
chinese new year 3
chinese new year 4
chinese new year 5
chinese new year 6
chinese new year 7
chinese new year 8
chinese new year 9

Fantasy Month at Children 1st @ Plumtree

February Fantasy at Children 1st @ Plumtree

Here at Children 1st @ Plumtree our theme for the month of February was ‘Fantasy’ and we entered many fantasy worlds inspired by stories, images and our own imaginations.

For the Princes and Princesses theme children dressed in their favourite costumes and engaged in imaginative play. Everyone wore their own special crown or tiara which they had made for the occasion.

Children have also been busy learning about our own royal family and have looked at pictures of Queen Elizabeth II and her family.

We had a special visit from Princess Anna from Frozen which wowed everyone! The children loved meeting her and were delighted that she joined in with their dancing and singing.

We’ve also been looking at traditional fairy tale books and looking at how the stories are structured. We know that they often start with the phrase, “Once upon a time ---.”

And of course all fantasy stories end with, “And they all lived happily ever after.”

We certainly had a happy time!!!

You can share our day by scrolling through the photographs below.

Prince & Princess Day at Children 1st @ Plumtree Slideshow

children 1st  plumtree prince  princess day 1
children 1st  plumtree prince  princess day 2
children 1st  plumtree prince  princess day 3
children 1st  plumtree prince  princess day 4
children 1st  plumtree prince  princess day 5
children 1st  plumtree prince  princess day 6
children 1st  plumtree prince  princess day 7
children 1st  plumtree prince  princess day 8
children 1st  plumtree prince  princess day 9

Children 1st Nursery of the Year 2014

Children 1st @ Sheffield

Children 1st Nursery of the Year 2014

As you may have seen from our recent news story, Children 1st @ Sheffield was named as Children 1st Nursery of the Year 2014 at our recent annual conference. The nursery is now proudly displaying the award in reception. Commenting on the win, Miss Deborah said:

"We are very proud to be the winners of The Nursery of The Year Award. We were chosen out of 18 nurseries and are very pleased to present our trophy for our parents and children to see."

"We are also overwhelmed with all the lovely comments from parents about how well deserved the award is and we couldn't agree more. We also celebrated achieving the most recommendations on and have been rewarded with a team meal out by Children 1st!"

Thank you for your continued support!


Blast off at Children 1st @ Meir Park

Children 1st @ Meir Park Zoom Off to Space!

The awe and wonder of outer space came to Meir Park recently when our early years’ children fired off their imaginations to create a large scale spaceman in a silver space suit for our display.

Surrounded by hand printed green aliens, he looks rather splendid on our nursery wall. Of course, every alien needs a rocket ship so we all got together to make one using a range of materials, held together with staples and masking tape.

With some special space play dough to make stars and more rockets we all had a very hands on time as our space topic inspired our creativity.

Space Topic at Children 1st @ Meir Park

children 1st  meir park space 1
children 1st  meir park space 2
children 1st  meir park space 3

The Joy of Paint at Children 1st @ Meir Park

The Joy of Paint! Children 1st @ Meir Park get Messy!

What fun to be let loose with paint and a range of tools for making marks on the huge piece of paper.

Look out Jackson Pollock! You might have some serious competition here as the Peter Rabbit children set about transforming the blank paper into a wonderful mass of colour.

With all kinds of objects used to apply the paint, the children had a wonderfully expressive time.


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