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Children 1st Apprentices Celebrate Graduation

Hats off to Children 1st Day Nurseries' Apprenticeship Graduates

On a beautiful sunny day in the garden of Children 1st headquarters, Mayfield House, Long Eaton, senior staff, families and friends gathered to celebrate and reward the success of employees who have recently completed two years of study to achieve their Modern Apprenticeship.

The ceremony highlighted the quality of the apprentices, their hard work and their significance in the continued success of the company. The feeling of pride amongst family and friends at their considerable achievement was evident. Certificates of Achievement were presented to mark this milestone in the career of the apprentices.

Whilst recognising the commitment of all the apprentices, two members of staff who have made a particular impression were selected for special recognition. This honour was achieved by Francesca Thomas from Children 1st @ Toton and Bethan Bell from Children 1st at Sheffield.

Margaret Mason, founder and chief executive of Children 1st Day Nurseries commented:

“As a business we have always made a strong commitment to developing real opportunities for people to learn in real jobs and gain the qualifications needed to help them build a real future in their chosen career. We are delighted to show our commitment to Modern Apprenticeships and are very proud that we have so many hard working staff who have progressed successfully through the programme.”

Following the formal presentations, everyone gathered to further enjoy the day with refreshments and plenty of chatter and reflections on the journey taken to achieve the successes witnessed today.

Congratulations to all our Modern Apprenticeship Graduates. You can see images of the day via the slideshow below.

If you would like to find out more about undertaking a modern apprenticeship at Children 1st please get in touch on 0800 652 1052 or visit the jobs section of our website by clicking here.

Apprenticeship Graduation Slideshow



Hello, Hello, Hello...

Hello, Hello, Hello… Children 1st @ Grantham Welcome Local Police Officers.

As part of our topic on ‘People Who Help Us’ we were delighted when officers from the local force came to have a chat with the Peter Rabbits about their work and to show their special police clothing and equipment.

Trying on some of the uniform was great fun but for some of us having the chance to sit in a police car and try out the siren was best of all!

To say thank-you to the police officers, we made some special cakes which they thought were delicious.

Many thanks to the Police for giving up their valuable time and sharing their experience with the children. Everyone really enjoyed it.



Graduation Day at Children 1st @ Sheffield

Congratulations to all graduates from Children 1st @ Sheffield

A fantastic day was had by all as Children 1st @ Sheffield celebrated the time our older pupils have enjoyed at nursery in a special graduation ceremony.

Families were delighted to watch the youngsters perform the traditional story of The Enormous Turnip. In their lovely costumes, the children showed off their acting and musical talents, remembering their words and singing out clearly.

All their hard work during practises had paid off! Of course, the message behind the story of The Enormous Turnip about the importance of teamwork will be of help the children as they move on to school.

After the excitement of the play, the children returned to the stage proudly wearing their caps and gowns to receive their graduation certificates and photographs. A lovely end to a very special day marking the transition from nursery to school.

Thank-you to everyone who helped to make the day so memorable.

We wish all the children graduating from Children 1st @ Sheffield every success in their new school.


Graduation Day at Children 1st @ Plumtree

Congratulations to all graduates from Children 1 st @ Plumtree

Time flies! For our older children it was time to reflect on their achievements at nursery and wish them well as they journey on to school.

Our special graduation ceremony marked this important time of transition, as children, family members and staff came together to enjoy a wonderful performance of the well-loved traditional story, ‘The Enormous Turnip.’ Beautifully presented by the children in music and words, everyone enjoyed hearing the story which stresses the importance of working together to achieve success. We are very proud of the children as they remembered their words so well and sang out so clearly.

Following the performance the children, dressed in their gowns and hats, were presented with their certificates and graduation photographs.

Thank-you to everyone who helped to make it this special celebration so memorable.

We wish all the children graduating from Children 1 st @ Plumtree every success in their new school.

You can share our graduation ceremony by clicking through the slideshow below.

graduation 1
graduation 2
graduation 3
graduation 4


Congratulations to all Graduates from Children 1st @ Toton

Congratulations to all Graduates from Children 1st @ Toton

Children, parents and other family members from Children 1st @ Toton had a fantastic day in the sunshine celebrating their graduation at a ceremony at Mayfield House.

The ceremonies took place in both the morning and the afternoon with as there were so  many children graduating from our Toton nursery.

We are delighted to say that both morning and afternoon graduation ceremonies were wonderful with the children giving excellent performances of The Enormous Turnip.

Their hard work during practises had paid off as all the children remembered their lines, songs and dances!

The message behind the story of The Enormous Turnip about the importance of teamwork will be of help the children as they move on to school.

Later the children dressed in their caps and gowns and made their way onto the stage to collect their certificate and graduation photo.

We wish everyone graduating from Children 1st @ Toton every success at their new school!

You can share in the fun of the day by clicking through the slideshow below.


screenhunter_390 jul. 10 17.56
screenhunter_391 jul. 10 17.56
screenhunter_392 jul. 10 17.56
screenhunter_393 jul. 10 17.57
screenhunter_395 jul. 10 17.58
screenhunter_396 jul. 10 17.59
screenhunter_397 jul. 10 18.00
screenhunter_398 jul. 10 18.00
screenhunter_399 jul. 10 18.01
screenhunter_400 jul. 10 18.01
screenhunter_401 jul. 10 18.01
screenhunter_402 jul. 10 18.02
screenhunter_403 jul. 10 18.02
screenhunter_404 jul. 10 18.03
screenhunter_405 jul. 10 18.04
screenhunter_406 jul. 10 18.05
screenhunter_407 jul. 10 18.05
screenhunter_408 jul. 10 18.05
screenhunter_409 jul. 10 18.06
screenhunter_410 jul. 10 18.06
screenhunter_411 jul. 10 18.06
screenhunter_412 jul. 10 18.07
screenhunter_413 jul. 10 18.07
screenhunter_414 jul. 10 18.08
screenhunter_415 jul. 10 18.08
screenhunter_416 jul. 10 18.09
screenhunter_417 jul. 10 18.09
screenhunter_418 jul. 10 18.09
screenhunter_419 jul. 10 18.10
screenhunter_420 jul. 10 18.10
screenhunter_421 jul. 10 18.10
screenhunter_422 jul. 10 18.11
screenhunter_423 jul. 10 18.11

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