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Colourful Characters come to life at Children 1st @ St Peter and St Paul!


Here at Children 1st @ St Peter and St Paul we do lots of activities around brilliant books, helping our little ones discover books and open the door to a world they will love forever.

Thursday 6th March was World Book Day, so we invited our little bookworms to come to nursery dressed as their favourite book character, and take part in lots of book-based fun!


Gruffaloes, witches, cowboys and lots of other colourful characters joined in with stories, songs and adventures. We had a fantastic day and were amazed by the fantastic costumes which were put together by all of you!

A huge well done to all of the boys and girls who took part in this exciting day!



Children 1st @ St Peter and St Paul Get Creative with Crepes!

Everyone loves pancake day, especially our budding chefs at Children 1st @ St Peter and St Paul!

Teatime was extra special on Tuesday as the children had great fun mixing, sizzling and flipping. The fun didn't stop after they had finished cooking as everyone enjoyed choosing lots of different healthy toppings to finish their pancakes off!

I'm sure our children left room for just one more pancake when they got home...


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Pancakes with Parents to help keep us healthy!


Our children at Children 1st @ St Peter and St Paul thoroughly enjoyed our tasty pancakes with fruit for breakfast this morning!

We tried strawberries, raspberries and galia melon with our pancakes and the parents all received an information leaflet on these exciting fruits.

The parents really enjoyed reading these leaflets with their children over breakfast and discussing how we are keeping healthy.

They read how:

Strawberries - keep bones healthy and are good for your eyes

Raspberries - Builds strong immunity and are also good for your eyes

Galia melon - maintains healthy skin and boosts your energy

We are looking forward to our final day tomorrow of scrambled egg and soldiers!



Potty about Porridge at Children 1st @ St Peter and St Paul!

Today's yummy breakfast was lovely warm porridge with honey bee honey...the children loved linking this in with the story of goldilocks and the 3 bears!

Here are 5 fabulous facts about porridge:

1. It releases energy slowly and can keep you going longer

2. Porridge aids digestion and unlike bran, oats are gentle on the stomach

3. Porridge is an ideal food for slimmers - fibre rich, low in calories but filling

4. Soluble fibre helps to reduce cholesterol

5 Helps the brain to produce serotonin which helps to keep our spirits up and our appetites down!

See what yummy breakfast we've been enjoying tomorrow!

breakfast 001
breakfast 002
breakfast 003
breakfast 004
breakfast 005
breakfast 006

Children 1st @ St Peter and St Paul are crazy about croissants!

On day 2 of Farmhouse Breakfast Week, this morning we all enjoyed tasting croissants with yummy strawberry jam or marmalade!

We learnt some interesting facts about croissants! Did you know that the name actually means 'crescent' like the shape and that they actually come from Austria but are a breakfast favourite in France?

Ben said "my croissant is the shape of a c and looks like the moon!"

Jasmin said "Miss Laura's a good cooker!"

The parents thought it was a lovely opportunity to come and have breakfast with the children at nursery! We can't wait to see what's on the menu for day 3!

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